Houndstooth Face Mask with Fusible Fleece Filter


We will have several Styles and sizes to choose from. Please select the right style and design. We are hand making these masks daily. 

Our masks are made from soft t-shirt material for the outside layer and high grade fused fleece for the inside filter. Also, the top of the mask has a pipe cleaner wire to shape the mask to fit over your nose.  

You may select: 

Youth/Child size (Houndstooth)-Black, White or Red Ties -Suitable for children 0-7 years Approx. 

Adult Size Ladies/Mens (Houndstooth)- Black, White or Red Ties/ With or without Pearl Accents

We do not guarantee that these masks will guarantee that you will not be infected with any virus or illness. We are simply following the CDC suggestion to wear a mask. Please visit www.cdc.gov for more information.